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Mobile Application

With the democratization of data, the explosion of the Smartphone market and the adaptation of our consumption habits to the digital age, including the mobile in its strategy, is now more than ever on the agenda!

Mobile Developments - Creation of IOS and Android Applications - Native and Hybrid Programming

With the democratization of data, the explosion of the Smartphone market and the adaptation of our consumption habits to the digital age, including the mobile in its strategy, is now more than ever on the agenda! Developing a mobile and tablet application allows you to meet your customers' expectations by making yourself available, anywhere and at any time.

Some benefits of mobile applications

  • Better user experience (UX)- more than 5 billion mobile users worldwide make calls every day longer than on mobile phones and tablets. Especially thanks to the improvements that mobile and tablet applications provide in terms of ergonomics and load times, they offer a better user experience to meet new application challenges and agendas more than ever.

  • Improve customer loyalty- The big advantage of mobile applications is sending notifications. The latter facilitates reporting, interaction, and communication about the latest products and enhances the brand's appeal by building customer loyalty in a "user-friendly" environment.

  • Take advantage of many features- Mobile applications offer new capabilities to help you with your digital strategy. In fact, mobile applications can use features such as GPS, push notifications, and cameras to improve targeting and communication for the new lifestyle of the target.

Trendy Spire Media is a mobile application development agency specializing in designing and developing iOS and Android mobile applications. Whether you are a startup, an SME or a large group, we will be able to meet your needs. Our team of experts offers design, ergonomic, fluid and custom-developed mobile applications.


1. Project reflection and analysis

We carry out an in-depth working session with our clients to understand your project and understand all its aspects. This session lets you lay the first bricks of your mobile application creation project. Your business vision and our expertise lead to an important reflection illustrated by the design of user stories. Once the user stories are stopped, we can start the functional design of your future application.

Key points

  • Joint project analysis

  • Definition of MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

  • Users stories

  • The functional design of the application

  • Functional Specifications

  • MCD (Conceptualization of the data to be processed)

2. UX / UI design

Before creating the application, our main objective is user-friendliness. The definition of personas (typical users of the application) guides us in the decisions to be made regarding UX Design. We then carry out prototyping of the various navigation screens and their interactions before making your application's final design and visual identity.

Key points

  • Definition of personas

  • UX Workshop

  • FlowCharts

  • Visual identity

  • Models

3. Development and integration

The models are validated, the interactions perfect, and the screens intuitive! Let's go for the development of the functionalities of your application and the integration of the visual universe. Critical phase: All the Trendy Spire Media agency applications are compatible with the latest iOS and Android versions.

Key points

  • Unified development platform for better maintainability

  • Mobile and tablet compatible application

  • Complying with Google and Apple guidelines

  • Integration of advanced features such as geolocation, Push notifications, QRCode, etc.

4. Publication on blinds

Your mobile app is ready and in line with the App Store and Google Play requirements. We write the presentation page of your application and launch its publication in the stores. We also set up a landing page presenting your application in order to index it on Google and for a more in-depth presentation of it and/or your company.

Choosing Trendy Spire Media for the development of your mobile application guarantees that all aspects of your project are taken into account with our team of experts.

Key points

  • Android and iOS application compatibility

  • Writing of the presentation page on the stores

  • Landing Page

  • Publishing your app


Whether your goal is to build loyalty and improve communication with your customers, acquire new ones, strengthen your company's image or simply assert your brand in the juicy world of mobile users. Trendy Spire Media supports you in conquering a new booming market and advises you to achieve the expected efficiency of your strategy!

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