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Open Source Platform

Your online presence, your website gives your new customers the first impression of your company. Developers, designers and marketers work together to create your website and to solve your internet needs.

Your online presence, your website gives your new customers the first impression of your company. Developers, designers and marketers work together to create your website and to solve your internet needs.

Our web agency deals with creating websites, eCommerce, web apps and custom integrations based on your needs. We can help you whether you want a unique and innovative new platform or a refresh to your website.

We offer Open source platform development.

Open source plays a key role in driving a company & digital solutions, innovation, and efficient technology-driven business value creation. With constant technological development, programming languages ??are modernized in parallel. Open source technology and open source philosophy are beneficial for developers, web agencies, and end customers. Trendy Spire Media is the agency specialising in creating an open-source web platform using PHP.

PHP: the programming language at the heart of your web project

Today, a technical director or any other similar profile who wants to carry out a web development project in PHP must first and foremost elucidate several issues: the availability of internal human resources, the level of expertise of these resources, the cost overall project, meeting deadlines. Trendy Spire Media, a development agency specializing in outsourcing, provides concrete answers through teams of developers familiar with this programming language!

PHP: why this programming language?

Many websites owe their dynamism and their ability to interact with their users to PHP. PHP is a flexible script, capable of being used on many platforms, including UNIX, Linux and Windows to macOS, etc., to support the majority of servers and a large number of databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)

Hypertext Preprocessor applications in web development

In addition to collecting form data, creating dynamic page content, and sending and receiving cookies, PHP scripts have been successful in three main applications:

  • Server-side script generation: This is arguably the most common use of PHP.
  • Write a command-line script: it is possible to create a PHP script and run it without a server or browser. Therefore, it is perfect for scripts intended to be executed under UNIX or Linux or through the Windows task scheduler.
  • Write applications intended to display a graphical user interface, cross-platform applications.

 The advantages of this programming language

Its open-source aspect reduces costs: Running this programming language on the server-side prevents web users from using their personal system resources for running or generating the content, such as JavaScript applications. In return, they gain in speed and are protected from compatibility problems between their browser and script;

A wide variety of frameworks due to its widespread use: For example, at Trendy Spire Media, we use the Symfony or Laravel frameworks, etc.).

Rapid development and maintenance: PHP is easy to use and develop in a secure environment thanks to its reusable codes.

A responsive and fast website: PHP frameworks offer much faster than average execution times and data processing!

Fast updates: Thanks to the hundreds of free extensions designed to improve performance and user experience.

Unparalleled security: PHP offers a secure environment thanks to the permanent intervention of a community of developers active worldwide!

Manipulated by the developers of Trendy Spire Media, PHP becomes a powerful tool to quickly achieve technical feats on behalf of your company.

Looking for open-source developers for your PHP projects?

Our development agency has solid expertise in the following PHP-based technologies:

  • CMS: Drupal, WordPress;
  • Framework: Symfony, Laravel;
  • E-commerce: Prestashop, Magento

Get in touch without delay with our development agency to find out about our managed or fixed-price offers, and we will make it happen by setting up a team dedicated to your PHP project!


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